Director of Studies

Professor of Wood Architecture and Chair of the Department of Architecture

Pekka Heikkinen

  • M.Sc. (Architecture), Helsinki University of Technology
  • Director of 6B Architects since 1995

Building Project Studio

University Lecturer

Philip Tidwell (on leave 2018-2019)

  • M.Arch., Princeton University
  • B.A. (Architecture & Urbanism), Washington University in St. Louis
  • Studies in Architecture, Helsinki University of Technology
  • Director of Peripheral Projects: Architecture Graphics and Design

Architect - Studio Instructor

Willem van Bolderen

  • M.Sc. (Architecture), Helsinki University of Technology
  • Studies in Architecture, Delft University of Technology
  • Founding partner at Studio Puisto Architects Ltd.

Project Manager - Studio Instructor

Laura C. Zubillaga


  • Studies in Wood Architecture, Aalto University
  • Specialist in Strategic Management of Design, National University of Buenos Aires
  • Studies in Furniture and Interior Design, Lahti Polytechnic
  • B.A. (Industrial Design), National University of Mar del Plata
  • Designer at Livady Oy.

Bioproducts and Biosystems

Professor of Wood Technology

Mark Hughes

  • Ph.D. (Wood Science),Bangor University
  • M.Sc. (Forest Industries Technology), Bangor University
  • Research ranging from structure-property relationships to composite materials and the use of wood in resource-efficient construction

History of Wood Architecture


Netta Böök

  • M.Sc. (Architecture), Helsinki University of Technology
  • Specialist in the history of wooden architecture and vernacular traditions of Finland and Karelia

Visiting Lecturers


Matti Kuittinen

  • D.Sc. (Architecture), Aalto University
  • Senior Advisor at Ministry of the Environment of Finland
  • Researcher in issues of carbon and energy in Wood Construction
  • Director of Kombi Arkkitehdit Oy