The Teltta (tent) sauna was built of ten large LVL panels which were cut with a CNC router to produce the interior shape of the sauna and terrace. The curvature of the openings was developed through studies of the student’s bodies to allow for a variety of sitting and laying positions.

After cutting, the panels were raised upright and made rigid with framing members. Then the sauna room and terrace space were clad inside with 33 x 33 mm pine battens, selected and positioned to minimize the number of knots in the interior surface. Finally a waterproof canvas was cut to fit and wrapped around the building as a raincoat and a waterproof membrane for the sauna during use.

Project data

Project completed in May 2005 (Muurame Sauna Museum)

Architectural Design and Construction: Hilke Ammenwerth, Stijn Colpaert , Christine Egli , Alessandro Isastia , Nazuki Konishi , Natsuki Maeda , Nathalie Martin , Motomi Morii , Tamie Noponen , Erling Sommerfeldt , Flavio Villani , Kazuo Watanabe and Cristina Santamaria Nogueira

Instructors: Pekka Heikkinen , Hannu Hirsi , Seppo Häkli and Kimmo Lylykangas

Used materials

  • Structural frame – laminated veneer lumber (LVL) panels
  • Interior cladding – 33 x 33 mm pine battens
  • Skin – fireproof canvas