The Rihla pavilion was built as a temporary gateway to the Masters of Arts festival at Aalto University’s School of Arts in Arabia. Though it was originally meant as a temporary construction, it remains today in its original location as the result of a petition from neighborhood residents to stop its destruction.

The pavilion was designed for material efficiency and collapsibility by using 22 trapezoidal Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) panels which are fastened together with stainless steel joints to form a band that curves in a spiral. The stainless steel joints were bent into three different angles and strengthened with transverse flat steel bars. The joints were recessed into grooves sawn into the sides of the LVL boards and fastened with bolted connectors. The structure was lifted onto steel bases and welded to steel plates that were laid as the foundation.

Project data

Project completed in May 2007

Architectural Design and Construction: Tiina Rytkönen , Risto Alanärä , Maria Corominas , Tomi Jaskari , Kimmo Jebens , Timo Mikkonen , Marika Pasanen , Meri Puhtila , Lauri Rautkari , Maria Riekkinen , Antti Rouhunkoski, Richard Sirén and Pekka Tukiainen

Instructors: Pekka Heikkinen, Risto Huttunen, Hannu Hirsi, Matti Kairi, Lotte Roberts and Katja Vahtikari

Photos: Jussi Tiainen

Used materials

  • Structural frame – laminated veneer lumber (LVL)
  • Joints – bent and reinforced stainless steel plate