Kierre was built by for the Technology Academy Finland and the 2014 Millenium Prize ceremony. The wooden structure was served as an entryway and landmark for the Millennium Prize Pavilion in Central Helsinki. Using CNC cut LVL and plywood elements, the project creates a dynamic twist (Kierre in Finnish) that emphasizes the lightness and flexibility of the structural system as well as the formal possibilities of computational design.

Project data

Project completed in May 2014

Architectural Design and Construction: Ana Rosa García Olmedo, Andrés Rivadeneyra, Ayana Naoi, Fahimeh Fotouhi, Ignacio Kaibel, Lorenzo Marconi, M. Emin Şişman, Margarida Andrade, Mark-Henri Decrausaz, Minwoo Seo, Nicolas Pratt, Sylvia De Angelis, Takahiro Minamino, Tuuliki Širokova and Zhang Shangshang

Structural Design: Antti Haapasalmi

Instructors: Hannu Hirsi, Pekka Heikkinen and Philip Tidwell

Photos: Kimmo Räisänen and Anne Kinnunen

Implementation: Technology Academy of Finland, Metsä Wood, Sunsytems Oy and Tikkurila Oyj

Used materials

  • Transverse Beams – CNC cut Kerto Q
  • Edge Beams – 18mm Birch Plywood
  • Skin – Polyester Mesh
  • Finishing – Valtti Color Translucent White