May 15, 2016

Säie in Tuusula

The Säie pavilion now has a permanent home! Following it’s showing last summer in Helsinki, the pavilion was disassembled for winter and has now been re-constructed in the town square of Tuusula, just across from the town hall. The reconstruction work was overseen by former Wood Program students Laura Zubillaga, Hiroko Mori and James Stanier, who coordinated the work with students from the Keuda Vocational School in Järvenpää.


Thanks to all of the students and staff for their hard work!

Professor: Kari Laukkarinen


Eetu Forström

Krister Heikkinen

Veikka Mattila

Samuli Willman

Joel Waris

Tomi Turunen

Jere Harjuvaara

Markus Väänänen

Jani Pesonen


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