January 30, 2016

Säie Pavilion featured in the new issue of AV proyectos

The Säie Pavilion has been featured in the latest issue of the Spanish journal AV proyectos as one of six experimental pavilions designed and built by students around the world.

The editors write:

“Computational design, the use of parametric methods, the systematization of production with highly technological tools, logistic efficiency, and innovation in the selection and use of construction materials and methods are some of the issues that architects are most interested in today. To address these concerns, architecture schools and universities are developing teaching programs and workshops devoted to these matters. Set up in different parts of the world, six pavilions designed and built by students explore the building process from different perspectives, analyzing its development starting from the initial concept to the final materialization of its elements and details.”


In addition to Arquitectura Viva, the pavilion was selected for ArchDaily’s roundup of the best student work worldwide, and has been featured online at Art Territory and FinnishArchitecture.fi.