The pavilion consists of large LVL slabs supported by a screen of slender dowels. The dowels form a rectangular pattern in the floor which curves into an elliptical shape in the ceiling, strengthening the structure laterally.

Six LVL panels were first sawn to size and then holes were cut in four of them to accommodate the round shafts. The floor and roof elements were glued in the workshop from the perforated boards and then the pavilion was assembled on its side.

The pre-cut pine shafts were first threaded through the round holes and then fastened with wooden wedges and glue. The pavilion was then moved out of the workshop and turned upright to be lifted on the back of a truck and transported to Fiskars.

Project data

Project completed in May 2006

Instructors: Pekka Heikkinen, , Hannu Hirsi, Risto Huttunen, Seppo Häkli and Kimmo Lylykangas

Architectural Design and Construction: Jonathan Montandon, Alberto Quiňones, Denise Belger, Fredrik Svedbrant, Heli Vauhkonen, Hiromichi Sato, Johannes Beran, Kati Murtola, Margus Paut, Marthe Myrvoll, Masahide Nakane, Willem-Anne Van Bolderen and Ylva Hammarstedt

Implementation: Metsä Wood, Puukeskus Oy, Artekno-Metalli Oy, Kiilto Oy, Onoma osuuskunta and Puuinfo Oy

Used materials

  • Walls – 42mm Pine Dowels
  • Floor and Roof Slabs – 140mm LVL Plates (3 sheets of 45mm)