The Kerä Theatre was designed as a commission for the Finnish Foundation for Electrosensitivity (Sähköherkkyyssäätiö) to serve as an healthy performance and event space for users of all ages and abilities.

Project data

Project completed in August 2018 (The Kerä Theatre was initiated in January of 2018 and is currently under design development. Construction is expected to be completed on site by the end of 2018.)

Instructors: Pekka Heikkinen, Willem van Bolderen, Philip Tidwell and Laura C. Zubillaga

Architectural Design: Melek Akcadogan, Ornella Angeli, Gerardo Armanet, Soren Arnevik, Thomas Mayer Da Silva, Karina Flores Flores, Anne Grosset-Brun, Yllka Kucuku, Nagi Kumagai, Maryam Liravi, Apostolos Mitropoulos, Anni Nokkonen, Miho Ohya, Lotta Pakarinen, Nathaniel Elmer, Hiroto Tanabe, Karl Vinge and Athanasios Zervos

Structural Engineering: Antti Haikala (Insinööritoimisto Pentinmikko Oy)

Used materials

  • Roof and Floor Slab – Kerto LVL Panels
  • Walls – Glu-laminated Spruce