HDW Pavilion

The pavilion is formed from four plywood arches and 135 birch plywood triangles with laminated glass elements filling them. The structure of the walls is prestressed with carbon fibre running through the joints. The plywood triangles prevent the glass from bending and enable the structure to be assembled with hidden fixings. The plywood side trusses strengthen the sides of the shell and transfer load to the foundations.

The building was pursued as a study in computer-controlled design and production. The shape of the structure was developed using 3D-models in order to find a form with sufficient surface are for the gable and dome to work as a stressed-skin structure. The computer model was then used to output the necessary plywood and glass sections in order for them to be cut using an CNC rig.

The lightness of the birch plywood triangles was highlighted with a translucent finish, while the external glass was kept clear and the internal surface was finished with satin-finish glass. The foundations were made unobtrusively by recessing the steel components into the corners of the plywood truss members.

The building was transported in one piece to the Atheneum Art Museum where it served as the info pavilion for the Helsinki Design Week events.

Project data

Project completed in September 2005 (Constructed as an entry gateway and information pavilion for Helsinki Design Week)

Instructors: Pekka Heikkinen, Hannu Hirsi , Risto Huttunen, Pekka Pakkanen, Lauri Salokangas and Antti Matti Siikala

Architectural Design and Construction: Antti Lehto, Teemu Seppänen, Antti Autio, Anna Bevz, Uula Kohonen, Sini Meskanen, Aleksi Niemeläinen, Anita Nummi, Eero Puurunen, Ilkka Salminen, Markus Wikar, Elina Voipio, Jussi Ziegler and Terhi Keski-Vinkka

Implementation: UPM, Tamglass Oy, Viisax Oy, Pilkington Lahden Lasitehdas Oy, 3M, Ensto Oy, Lumon Oy, Tekniska Föreningen i Finland, Tremco Finland Oy, Helsinki Design Week and Puuinfo Oy

Used materials

  • Triangular Components – Birch Plywood + Laminated Glass
  • Prestressed Arches – Birch Plywood with Embedded Carbon Fiber